Regulation Hotties (future EP)

by Jabber

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Recorded In February of 2015 at Oakland Music Complex by Matt Diamant. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Carafa!


released October 3, 2015

Lyrics by Danny, Music by Jabber.



all rights reserved



Four babes making melodic pop punk for your ears.


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Track Name: Grool
Nothing in math class could mess me up
Then you hit me like a big yellow bus
I'm a regulation hottie, why can't you see?
You should dump Regina and go out with me.

You're the hottest boy at North Shore High
My parents sent me here to get socialized
I don't need a tutor, why can't you see?
Baby, I can make you teen royalty.

I meant to say cool, but then I started to say great.
I meant to say cool, but then I started to say great.

I'm sorry if I got vomit on your shoes
I know I smelled like a baby prostitute
You probably think home-schooled kids are freaks
But everything could be so grool for you and me.